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Countdown to Treat. Yo. Self.

If you aren’t already aware – and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be – my BIRTHDAY is in two weeks. Did you hear that…TWO WEEKS. This is important information because I love my birthday. More than any grown up really should.

Yes, I will be 41. I don’t care. It’s my birthday. There will be cake/cupcakes – which I will eat. There will be presents. And most importantly, there will be Treat Yo Self Day.

Ross and I do this every year for my birthday. This usually involves a lot of eating out, some shopping, maybe and movie – I don’t know – and general shenanigans. Don’t worry, I make sure to include all of you in my shenaniganry each year with the hashtag #treatyoself

Last year we went to the Vegas for the whole week. I’ll be honest, that one is going to be hard to beat but we’ll give it a go.

You can follow all our antics on instagram, twitter, and facebook. You can follow the #treatyoself to keep up.

Countdown to #TreatYoSelf

It’s that time again. It’s my BIRTHDAY!

I’m going to be 40 and could give two shits about the number. It’s my birthday and that means presents. I love presents. I mean, I. LOVE. PRESENTS.

Every year, Ross and I have a day where we #TreatYoSelf. We buy things we want that are frivolous. We eat amazing food like it’s going out of style. We basically have a day of fantastic.

This year is a big one so it was go big or go home. We’re going BIG! There will be an entire week of #TreatYoSelf. We’re going to Vegas Baby!

If you want to see our #TreatYoSelf week,  you can follow me on twitter (@Suzannemsabol) or on facebook at SuzanneMSabol/Author. All the juicy tidbits will be there.

Let the countdown begin!

Adult Birthdays

My husband, Ross, turned the big 39 this week. He like to remind me that I’m older than he is. By like 6 months. Here’s the reality of the situation. He was 80 when I met him, so I don’t really care what that clock says, he will always be an old curmudgeon.

When I asked him, what kind of cake he wanted. This is how the conversation went (I’m paraphrasing, cause this was a while ago). #SorryNotSorry

Ross: I don’t want one of those fancy cakes. You know the ones you would get from Piece of Cake. There’s too much icing.

Me: So you basically want a Kroger cake?

Ross: Yes. That’s exactly it. I want a Kroger cake.

Okay, my friend. Ask and ye shall receive.


There you go. Kroger cake that may have been decorated by a teenager. It’s fine. I’m sure it takes exactly the same.

Birthday Shenanigans

So, next Saturday is my birthday and before anyone can make a 4th of July joke, stop! I’ve heard them already. I don’t like fireworks. It only takes on incident at the age of seven to scar you forever. My mom thought it would be a GREAT idea to put seven sparklers on my cake instead of candles. You can’t blow sparklers out and everyone thought it was hilarious to watch me try by huffing in breath after breath. An emergency room trip later for toxic fumes inhalation, no one really thought it was a good idea anymore.

Anyway. I don’t want them for my birthday celebration, and there will be a celebration. Most people have a hard time with their birthday, especially after the age of 30. Me? I don’t care. There are presents involved and I love presents. I’m also a giant child so I have fun birthdays, even if it is just Ross and I. Last year, we had a pretty princess birthday party with a scavenger hunt for my presents. I know this picture sucks (because I take horrible pictures) but you get the idea…

20130705_142802 (1)


Two years ago, it was a pirate birthday…


You see a theme going on here.


So, with a little over a week away, Ross has some high standards to live up to.

What will the birthday celebration theme be?

Stay tuned…