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Birthday Week Celebrations

Its my birthday this week. I turned 44 years old. At least, I’m pretty sure I’m 44. Its an even year and I was born in an even year, so that sounds about right. And as a lovely birthday present, I got COVID.

All of my plans were canceled. My lunch date. My spa appointments. My 4th of July baseball game, and my #TreatYoSelf day. All of it canceled. In addition to this slap in the face, NO ONE ELSE got Covid in the house.

I took so many naps over the weekend and I passed the fuck out every night. To be fair, it was probably some of the best sleep I’ve had in a while.

I did make my own cake, as I usually do, and it turned out to be a shitshow. I was playing with my new Russian piping tips and I definitely need more practice. Also, there are sprinkles EVERYWHERE! I went a little nuts. Everytime we clean up the sprinkles, we take the cake out of the refridgerator and there are even more sprinkles. It’s like glitter in here only tiny little candy balls.

I made my little rosettes and then froze them. I didn’t really count them or have a plan. I was really just playing. When I was putting on the rosettes, I had a weird number and god dammit, I made them, so they were going on there. So, I got this:

Which now looks like a nipple. You’re welcome for that visual.

On the plus side, I’m old enough to have the money for a kickass present. Bahahaha! Happy Birthday to me! Thanks RPG!

So, what have we learned?

Well, I learned that being in my 40’s sucks. I’m never going to go to the spa and get my message because this is the second time it was canceled due to covid. However, being older and more secure financially means better presents.

All in all, I want a birthday do-over.

Keep it Short and Sweet

I have to conduct phone interviews today and tomorrow. The only problem is . . . I really dislike talking on the phone. I don’t like have the receiver up to my ear, or having to figure out the subtle cues that go into a conversation because I can’t see their face. I have trouble picking up social cues as it is, let alone when I can’t see their eyes.

Here’s the other thing. I can tell, pretty much within a minute, if I want to keep talking to you. But, with the phone interviews, I have to go through all the motions. I have to ask the entire set of questions. So, I spend half an hour jotting down notes about someone I know I’m not going to hire. It’s such a waste of my time and get a crick in my neck.

Not only that, but my phone battery is shit. What this means is that I’m going to end up using my cell phone instead of my office phone. At least with my cell phone, I have earbuds I can use instead of the actual phone. Talking with the smart phone face against your ear and cheek is the worst. I might actually just use my cell phone. That’s genius. No stiff neck, no hot ear, both hands free. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Might just have to run out to my car for the usb cord to keep it going. My Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t have the battery power it once did. so-sad-emoji