Mapping Your Series!

This workshop takes you through the information you’ll need to structure your series, keep it going over the long haul, and create your bible to keep it all straight.

  • Fundamentals of a Series
  • Structure
  • The Bible
  • Closing the Loop

This workshop will take you through your first outline to the end of your series.

Villains we love to hate & hate to love!

This workshop takes you through several dimensions of villains, constructing them and writing them so they jump from the page.

  • What’s the appropriate type of villain for your genre?
  • How to make the villain just as interesting as the hero/heroine?
  • How to make that evil doer jump off the page

With a combination of presentation and exercises, this workshop takes the participants through the importance of your villain in your own WIP and how to make them better.

If you are interested in scheduling this workshop, please submit your information in the contact form below.

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