Hereditary Magic

“I was left wanting more so I can’t wait to read the next book. This is a terrific paranormal story that young and old can enjoy.”

“Hereditary Magic is tremendous fun and will have readers not only wanting more of Blood and Bone Legacy, but also heading back to the original series to see how this whole thing started…”

inD’Tale Magazine

Brittany Hughes is the most powerful witch of her generation but at twenty-one, she lacks the control of more mature witches. After a vampire attack that killed several people, including her mother, Brittany is abandoned by her coven and set adrift into the preternatural world. But she’s not alone. Brittany has earned the respect of the vampire colony and the werewolf pack. Everett Cooper has named himself her werewolf protector and friend. 

As people start dying around Columbus and threaten to make the world of magic public, Brittany and Everett are lead down a path of gruesome bodies, tested friendships, and magical discovery. In their pursuit to stop the murders before more people end up dead and a full-fledged panic ensues, Brittany is drawn into a world of magic, mirrors, and the impossible becoming possible. 

Kickass Women, Saving the World

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