Emerald Fire

Emerald Fire

“If you like paranormal stories with vampires, wolfs, zombies, dark magic, romance [love triangle], shifters, witches, and other magical creatures, don’t miss this series. Oh and lets not leave out the hot steamy sex scenes. If any of the above applies to you, you have come to the right place for this read will give it to you and so much more. Not only does this author give you a drop dead beautiful vampire, sexy werewolf, a totally kick butt heroine but lots and lots of action to back it up with. Plus you get some off the chart well developed and portrayed characters’ that will keep your attention all the way through.”


“Ms. Sabol writes with an urban edgy pen, and the reader won’t know what’s around the next corner until they run into the nightmare they don’t want to meet in a dark alley.”

inD’tale Magazine

As the Blushing Death, Dahlia Sabin has overcome much to be with the men she loves but attempting to settle into a new life and juggling two Alpha males isn’t easy, and the strain is starting to show. As the stakes become higher with each new threat, their growing power and Dahlia’s magical ability can’t be ignored by the vampire ruling council. As bodies start piling up around Columbus and a dark magic makes its presence known, a high-ranking vampire board member invades Dahlia’s territory. A threat? A spy? Isidro’s dark eyes and intentions are dangerous. With the world closing in around them and the threat to their very existence growing, Dahlia, Patrick, and Dean move to solidify their magical bonds. But Baba Yaga wants her due and has plans for Dahlia all her own. Dahlia may be able to survive an army of zombies, but can she out strategize a millennia-old witch and survive with everyone intact?

Kickass Women, Saving the World

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