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Pool of Crimson

Ethan – Vampire Liege of Columbus Colony.

Ahriman Demon –  Raised form the pits of Hell to demolish the world from creation. The Ahriman demon originated from Persian folklore and represents the darkness in the world in direct opposition to Ohrmazd which represents the light.

Candace – Beta werewolf of Woodland Pack in Columbus.

Midnight Ash

Arthur – Lebensblut Board Member and Darshan’s sire/former lover.

Darshan – Vampire Liege of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Originally an escaped slave from a Geogria plantation and was turned by Arthur as a companion.

Midnight Ash – Vampire Ninja Assassin and leader of the Takedad Daimyo. Their only female leader since its inception.

Sliver of Silver

Jackson – Member of the Woodland Pack of Columbus.

Brody Lolek – Werewolf hit man.

Golden Anidae

Cordero Salazan – Vampire servant to Marabelle.

Marabelle – Vampire Liege of the Southwest and housed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Favors pink ball gowns and torture.

Black Dalliances

Baba Yaga – Ancient witch from Russian folklore. Banished to the the Outer Realm by the Seelie Fae along with the other Unseelie, Baba Yaga has created her kingdom traveling about the frozen wasteland of the Outer Realm on her mortar and pestle with her hut walking on chicken legs behind her.

Likho –  Embodiment of evil intent from Slavic fairy tales.

Emerald Fire

Logan – A vampire necromancer searching for a way back into the Lebensblut chairman’s, Konyam, good graces.

Isidro Grimaldi – Lebensblut board member and brother to Alex. He is also Nova’s sire. He is called “The Game Maker”.


Violet Abyss

Celeste – A vampire witch searching for the Chalice of Isis to overtake the Vampire Board – Lebensblut

Varick – Celeste’s sire and member of the Lebensblut Board.

Konyam – Chairman of the Board and the oldest vampire on the planet. He’s seeking to bring his vampires under control as Patrick begins to dismantle all he’s built.

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Not Everyone is Meant to Walk in Darkness

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