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    1. Emerald Fire, Book 6 in the Blushing Death Series, is currently slated for a summer release. It should be sometime in mid June. Once I have a firm date, I usually post those…let’s face it…everywhere. LOL!

  1. I absolutely adore this series. I came across A Pool of Crimson on Amazon and became enthralled with Dahlia, Patrick and Dean. I read all five books over the last several days, just finished the last pages of Black Dalliances. I’m not ready to leave their world. Makes me grumpy that I have to wait until summer to find out how bad Dahlia kicks Lebensblut butt! I’ve read lots of paranormal authors and enjoyed many, many wonderful books. Your books are at the top of my favorites list. Thank you for creating such an engaging, fierce female character, Dahlia. Kudos!

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