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Keep it Short and Sweet

I have to conduct phone interviews today and tomorrow. The only problem is . . . I really dislike talking on the phone. I don’t like have the receiver up to my ear, or having to figure out the subtle cues that go into a conversation because I can’t see their face. I have trouble picking up social cues as it is, let alone when I can’t see their eyes.

Here’s the other thing. I can tell, pretty much within a minute, if I want to keep talking to you. But, with the phone interviews, I have to go through all the motions. I have to ask the entire set of questions. So, I spend half an hour jotting down notes about someone I know I’m not going to hire. It’s such a waste of my time and get a crick in my neck.

Not only that, but my phone battery is shit. What this means is that I’m going to end up using my cell phone instead of my office phone. At least with my cell phone, I have earbuds I can use instead of the actual phone. Talking with the smart phone face against your ear and cheek is the worst. I might actually just use my cell phone. That’s genius. No stiff neck, no hot ear, both hands free. This sounds like a wonderful idea. Might just have to run out to my car for the usb cord to keep it going. My Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t have the battery power it once did. so-sad-emoji