Amber Ruin Cover Reveal

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Coming October 9, 2019

Cover Art by Rae Monet
Publisher Soul Mate Publishing

Dahlia, Dean, and Patrick are attempting a political coup of the supernatural world. Gathering allies to upset the balance and throw off the shackles of the ancients won’t be easy. But to live alongside humans instead of in their shadow, they’ll have to overcome enemies at every turn; vampires, shifters, the fae, and humans.

Baba Yaga, the queen of the dark fae, has her own designs for Dahlia. Moving her chess pieces on the board, the ancient witch has set a trap to draw The Blushing Death back into her clutches. To possess Dahlia and the power of Fertiri magic for her own purposes, Baba Yaga will do almost anything -sacrifice anyone – to rise to power once more.  

Racing to survive Baba Yaga’s traps and rescue two of her wolves, Dahlia enters Baba Yaga’s mountain understanding that she may never come out again.

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Advanced Reader Copies up for grabs!

I’m testing out a new Advanced Reader Copy platform. In honor of that, i’m posting Hereditary Magic for 10 lucky readers. The only requirement is that you post a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and/or Bookbub by August 1st.

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Countdown to Treat. Yo. Self.

If you aren’t already aware – and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be – my BIRTHDAY is in two weeks. Did you hear that…TWO WEEKS. This is important information because I love my birthday. More than any grown up really should.

Yes, I will be 41. I don’t care. It’s my birthday. There will be cake/cupcakes – which I will eat. There will be presents. And most importantly, there will be Treat Yo Self Day.

Ross and I do this every year for my birthday. This usually involves a lot of eating out, some shopping, maybe and movie – I don’t know – and general shenanigans. Don’t worry, I make sure to include all of you in my shenaniganry each year with the hashtag #treatyoself

Last year we went to the Vegas for the whole week. I’ll be honest, that one is going to be hard to beat but we’ll give it a go.

You can follow all our antics on instagram, twitter, and facebook. You can follow the #treatyoself to keep up.

Snippet – Amber Ruin

Amber Ruin is coming in October and I thought I’d give you a little glimpse into what is coming. Enjoy!

Patrick stood in our shared closet, lost. His back straight and his fingers walking across hangers, I could hear him mumbling to himself but couldn’t quite make out what he was saying. I sat on the floor with my back against the wall next to the door to our walk-in closet. Watching. This was fascinating. From the moment I’d met him, Patrick had always been perfect. He’d looked like GQ come to life and this flustered side of him was . . . cute.

“Figured it out yet?” I asked, not able to keep the smile from my lips.

“No,” he grumbled, running his hand through his thick, onyx hair. “What should I pack for this type of event?” he asked, frustration finally bleeding through.

“Jeans,” Dean called from our bedroom. He also sounded frustrated. That’s all Dean owned was jeans. Oh sure, he had a suit or two for meetings, but that was it. The moment the meeting was over, he was back in jeans and a t-shirt.

“That isn’t very helpful,” Patrick snorted.

Getting to my feet, I took the several steps to close the distance between us and wrapped my arms around his waist. I breathed in his scent of death, blood, and mysteriously . . . old books. Something in my brain clicked home. He stroked his fingers along my arm and his body relaxed against me. “You’ll be fine,” I whispered, understanding the underlying problem that he didn’t want to voice. Being mystically married, I got a little extra insight to the men I loved that normal humans didn’t get. It was really helpful to be able to see inside their soul and know what they were feeling, what they weren’t saying. Shit, I was married. Mystically or not. Sometimes it just hit me, a bolt of lightning to the brain. I was married.

Hey, I’ve been busy

Well, it’s been a while. Three weeks to be exact. I’ve been crazy busy. Let me see if I can catch you up.

I’ve been reading non-stop for judging purposes.

  • First it was the Rita awards which I didn’t final. Honestly, I don’t even know why I enter that thing. I’m not a romance writer, not really, and they don’t know what to do with me.
  • Then it was the Prism which I haven’t heard yet if I am a finalist. Keeping my fingers crossed. Again though, don’t have high hopes since I’m not a straight romance writer. Although the Fantasy community tends to be a little more forgiving about the romance thing.
  • Now, it’s the Ignite the Flame contest, mainly out of guilt. This is what happens when your writing group emails you directly and lays it on thick. Since I’d never judged that particular contest before (and I’ve been a member for almost 10 years now), there was a small amount of guilt that sat heavy in the pit of my stomach…so I agreed. Only to two or three entries though. I do have to actually write something this summer after all.
  • Plus, I don’t know why but the entries that I have been judging in all three of these contests were just…bad. Either poorly written, horribly cliched tropes – and the I’m going to kidnap you because you’re my fated mate and you’re going to like it scenario doesn’t work in the #metoo era. It’s all a bit “no means yes” for me. I think we can leave that behind. The whole time I was reading these horrible books, all I kept thinking was that someone was reading my book at that very moment and thinking the same thing. UGH! It was all very demoralizing and depressing.

Ross and I got a weekend away to go to a wedding. We had a great time. I got trashed on red wine and let’s be honest, throwing up red wine might be one of the most horrible experiences of anyone’s life. You think that shit is acidic going down?!? Try having it come back up and through your nose… You’re welcome! #sorrynotsorry.

Also, I’m a shit. The couple had door knobs on their registry. I get why. They bought a house and are renovating. But I couldn’t resist. There were 5 gold doorknobs and 7 silver doorknobs. First, why are you mixing colors? Second, the idea of doorknobs as a wedding present made the asshole in me come alive (which doesn’t take much). So, instead of being nice and buying all five of the gold doorknobs on their registry, I only bought four. I wrapped them in a big box filled with tissue paper so that when they open them, they’ll be looking for all five door knobs and it won’t be there. Ross was irritated that we were going to have to carry this huge box up to Cleveland to take to the wedding. I then reminded him that they were going to have to cart this huge box from Cleveland to Baltimore – cause that’s where they live. That appeased his grouchy old man beast. Then on the card I wrote, “Hope you enjoy the knobs!”. Bahahahaha! You’re welcome Cara!

This is Ross at the reception. That’s right, the reception was at Brown’s Stadium.

Moving on.

Scarlett had a play date with another little kid which was the MOST uncomfortable 2.5 hours of my life. I’m not a social person. AT ALL. Idle chit chat is the most painful thing in the world for me. That’s why I married Ross, so he could do all the chit chatting for me. I’m only half joking about that. I think I’d rather have a root canal than partake in chit chat. I kept looking at my fitbit wondering if it was okay to leave. Don’t get me wrong. These people were very nice. I’m just not the social butterfly that flourishes by engaging in conversation with others. This was, literally, my nightmare come to life. I don’t think I can communicate to you the level of discomfort and dread I felt throughout this whole endeavor. Especially when you take into account the anticipation for the two weeks leading up to this play date and actual suffering during the play date itself that I experienced. And Ross just laughed at me. Because don’t forget, he’s an asshole too.

And finally.

This was Scarlett’s first go around for soccer. I spent most of my Saturday mornings for six weeks straight yelling across a soccer field that the ball was the other way as she picked flowers of walked with the coach as all the other little kids actually ran after the ball. There were many instances of Scarlett running across the field to get a “mommy hug” before I shoved her back out onto the field to run in the complete opposite direction as everyone else. She’s really good in practice and running in general. Is there preschool track? She might be really good at that…

I think you’re all caught up at this point. Until next time.

The Dinner Gods have cursed me

I think I’m just done with cooking. This week has been a nightmare. An absolute nightmare.

Monday – This seemed to go okay. I don’t particularly remember what we had but I don’t remember any catastrophes so I’m putting that one in the “win” category.

Tuesday – This is one for the record books. First, I picked up the wrong container from the refrigerator. Instead of Salmon and corn for lunch, I picked up the one that was JUST CORN! Here you go. This was my lunch on Tuesday.

I’m not nearly done. Halfway through the day, I realized that I didn’t put the chicken in the crock-pot for Taco Tuesday. When I get home, it’s mostly thawed, so I decided to give it a good sear and then pop those chicken breasts in the oven. Everything was fine until I pulled the pan from the over and removed the chicken to cut it up. I turned around and grabbed the pan – sans pot holder – and burned the EVER-LOVING-SHIT out of my hand. I had my hand in a bowl of cold water until about 2 am to keep the burning away. This is what my hand looks like three days later…

Let’s move on.

Wednesday – I put the pork and the bbq packet in the crock-pot. I even remembered to turn it on. I did not, however, verify that it was plugged in…because it wasn’t. Fail #3

Thursday – Ross went to Costco and got one of those ready to eat meals – ravioli lasagna. I couldn’t eat it, but whatever it was fine. I got home a little after 5 pm (summer hours – hell yeah!) and he was standing in the kitchen with a defeated look on his face. When I asked him what was wrong he said, “I didn’t realize those things had to cook for like an hour.”

He hadn’t even turned the oven on. At that point we were looking at a 6:30 pm dinner and Scarlett gets in the bath at 7:30 pm. If you can get her to eat, which takes coaxing and sometimes bribing, it could take an hour. So we went out. Then Ross got a call in the middle of dinner saying he had to go back to work, thereby ruining our dinner.

That’s IT! I give up. The dinner gods have cursed me and I’m not going to fight them any more. I’m throwing in the towel.

Mommy’s Day Off

Yesterday, my husband took my daughter and went away. They went to Dayton for the night so that I could have some desperately needed time alone.

I left work, drove up to Polaris and went shopping. I was looking for something specific which means I didn’t find it. Also, even though I lost a whole shit-ton of weight, I still didn’t like the way I looked in any of it. That was my issue and not the items.

After a very disappointing evening of shopping, I took myself out to dinner. I had a glass of wine and enjoyed just sitting there by myself with nothing to do, think about, or even worry about.

When I went home, I had a Netflix and chill evening. What did I watch, you might ask. Well, if you know anything about me, you know it had something to do about serial killers because I’m demented. I watch Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile – the Ted Bundy biopic.

I will say this, I’m so proud of Zac Efron. Look at him…going from High School Musical to playing Ted Bundy. He was very impressive. The other issue I have, however, is that the girlfriend had the potential to be a very interesting character but got lost in the Ted Bundy aspect of the movie. I get it, it’s Ted Bundy and that’s what he did but you had the opportunity to really dive down into how damaging Ted Bundy was to her psychologically and her motives for doing what she did and you missed the opportunity.

After the movie, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes started, cause Netflix knows me.

Also, my jam. I got through an episode and a half before I started drifting off. I’m definitely going back to this one.

There you have it folks. When left to my own devices, I drink wine and watch shows about serial killers. They’ll probably never leave me alone again.

The Long Night

This is the final season of Game of Thrones and I’m sad to see one of my favorite shows end but it’s going out with a bang. I can always depend on GoT not to disappoint.

Caution: there are SPOILERS ahead!!!!

First and foremost, let’s get this out in the open…

Arya! Fucking! Stark!

She has been my favorite since the beginning. The fact that she killed the Night King and NOT Jon Snow was the crowning achievement of my GoT existence. That bitch is fierce and I want to be her when I grow up. Enough said!

If you haven’t seen it…here you go

Now that the shameless gushing over Arya Stark is done, we can move on to other GoT topics.


Okay, what is with the thousand-yard-stare all the time? What is he doing? What is the point of you??? Just because you’re the three-eyed raven doesn’t mean you lose all emotion. It’s just weird. There was all this build-up about the majestic three-eyed raven and his/her importance but you have accomplished absolutely nothing, served no purpose, and have been a waste of a story line. This grand connection to the Night King equated to nothing! Yes, he came after you but he was going to come to Winterfell anyway to kill everyone. You were unnecessary.

On to the tactics of the battle

They. Sucked. What the Actual Fuck are you doing? Lining up all your people to die knowing that you were outnumbered by THE DEAD was incredibly stupid. You wasted the Dothraki and the Unsullied! Now, what are you going to fight Cersei with? A bunch of untrained and lazy white guys from the North Houses? Ummm, nope.

Don’t think I didn’t notice that you sent all the brown people out to die first…cause I did.

Everyone was complaining about how actually dark the episode was, but it was night. The night is going to be dark. That’s kinda how that works. Regardless of that critique, the cinematography in this episode was beautiful. The Dothrakis’ lighted swords riding into the darkness, was incredible.

Since we’re talking tactics, let’s talk about the tactical advantage of a cavalry charge. The main objective is to frighten your opponent into retreating and cut them down from above as they flee. However, if your opponent is 1) dead, 2) has a hive mind mentality, and 3) fear NOTHING, this strategy doesn’t work. You waste horses and men in the slaughter…because zombies.

All the feels

I was on edge this entire episode. Nervous energy shivered through me for 90 fucking minutes. I almost cried when Tyrion kissed Sansa’s hand before both decided to sacrifice themselves into battle – going out to fight the dead waking in the crypt. Please tell me why Sansa Stark is such a bad ass this season…I love it! I kinda wish she’d been this bad ass all eight seasons. The dynamic between these too is amazing, both touching and hilarious.

I could give two shits about Jorah Mormont’s death but Lady Mormont – that tiny badass – killed a fucking giant and it was amazing. That one, I mourned.

Plot Holes

Where the FUCK did Melisandre come from??? Just riding up through the army of the dead, a single rider through the north mysteriously appears to help Winterfell. Where the hell have you been? WHAT?

I can’t wait to see what comes next. Sunday night is my favorite night of the week! LOL

Not Everyone is Meant to Walk in Darkness

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