What A Mess!

My house is a mess.

It looks like a hurricane went through here. There is just random shit everywhere. I’m not going to lie, i’ve kinda given up arguing with people to pick it up.

There are toys everywhere. Scarlett’s room is currently oozing out into the hallway.

There are dirty socks in places they don’t go because both Ross and Scarlett just take off their socks and leave them places.

There are bits of legos all over the floor. One of the cats stepped on one the other day, jumped because if you’ve stepped on a lego you know that shit hurts, then gave me a dirty look-like, those are my legos. Those cats know better.

Also, I don’t understand why no one knows where anything goes??? They live here. They got it from somewhere. Why can’t they figure out how to put it back?

This is a conversation that often occurs in my house:

Ross or Scarlett: Mommy/Sweetheart, do you know where X is?

Me: Yes.

Ross or Scarlett: Where is it?

Me: You left it X.

Ross or Scarlett: Oh, okay. Thanks.

Me: There’s a trick you can use to know where all your stuff is.

Ross or Scarlett: What?


This is now my life. I always wear shoes in the house (flip flops, Toms, or slippers – nothing that goes outside), because I know the dangers of what could be on the floor.

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