How Many is Too Many?

I was accused yesterday of being a book hoarder.

I don’t know how to deal with this. Or even if I should.

This whole conversation began because a friend of mine and I were talking about moving and how I was never moving again because, it took so long and I had hired movers the last time. Part of the problem was that I scheduled the movers, when we sold the house which was 30 days or more before closing and I still had to pack. If any of you have hired movers, they ask you the size of your house (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc). Then they ask you how many boxes. How the hell am I supposed to know how many boxes? I said 100 because that sounded like a lot.

Turns out, that’s not that many. I had almost 60 boxes just of books.

That’s when she accused me of being a book hoarder. My response was that I had a library – very defensively by the way.

It is true. I do have a room dedicated as a library. And maybe I do have several copies of the same books (for various reasons that I shall not disclose here because I don’t want to-LOL). I’ll be honest, there are just books everywhere. We’re not tripping over them and, quite frankly I still have space left on my shelves so I feel like I’m good.

In case you’re wondering…

Then I have my office bookshelves…

Then the books just lying around…

Then the books that I’ve stockpiled and haven’t read yet…

For this box, Ross and I like to play a game when I pick one up where he guesses which year it was published and how long I’ve been sitting on it.

Okay, now that I put it like that, I might have a problem. I’m not sure that I care though and it won’t stop me from buying more books. I am willing to embrace my book stash and claim my status as a book hoarder.

But the reality is that I’ve decided that I’m never moving again. They’ll have to remove my cold, dead body from beneath the mound of books that collapsed on me and crushed me.The only way I’m leaving this house is if we win a bagillion $$$$. At that point, I will just start fresh and the only things I’ll be taking with me are my books. At that point, I will just buy everything new and expand my library to epic proportions.

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