Life Lessons

Here’s the thing. Its not that hard to just NOT be an asshole.

Just don’t be a dick.

It’s really that simple.

It takes just as much energy, less even, to be nice to someone instead of treating them like shit.

Here’s the thing. I’m a firm believer in treating people in a way that I would want to be treated myself. I get that this is a long standing “thing” but it is true. I don’t have to go out of my way to be nice, I’m just not openly antagonistic. Just acknowledging people and thier presence is sometimes enough. It works and I get better results.

I left my last job because I didn’t feel valued. I didn’t feel like my contributions meant anything to anyone. And now my staff if following me because if I was the only person in the department that made them feel valued and supported, that’s just sad.

I also don’t understand why people are pissed when their employees get better jobs/promotions/raises. People grow. They want to develop and as a manager, that’s what you’re supposed to be fostering. I don’t understand, then, why people feel betrayed. Be happy for them that their lives will be better and you helped them get there.

I’ve also seen a lot of shitty behaviour recently in stores and in food service establishments. Don’t do this. Let me repeat. This is not okay.

I’ve worked both types of jobs in my lifetime and I hated both. Not necessarily because of the actual work but because of the people you encountered while working. Retail at christmas literally gave me a stress twitch at the coner of my right eye. Its now a trigger response that when the corner of my eye starts to twitch, I know I have to take a moment to pause and get my head straight.

Why people think that treating retail and service workers like pieces of shit or that they are somehow beneath them, is beyond me. Trust me, I used to work in a fast food restaurant. You don’t want to know what some petty teenagers will do to your food if you’re an asshole to them. Do you really want to take that chance? I sure as hell don’t. Because they will, and I repeat, WILL tamper with your food. Spit in it. Step on it. Make it wrong. Trust me. There are a lot of things they could do that you wouldn’t necessarily even notice.

So, here’s the lesson kids. Just don’t be a dick.

This is my public service announcement.

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