Meetings to Plan other Meetings

Why is this a thing?

I work with someone who wants to sit down and talk about what meetings to have and who to have them with . . . no! Sit down and have a thought about what you want to talk about and set up the actual meeting.

There are a few reasons that this happens, at least, that I can determine.

  1. People either can’t or don’t want to be responsible for making an executive decision about who should be in a meeting. Grow a pair and make a decision. That’s what ends up happeining when you meet with me to talk about a future meeting. I end up making the decision and then I’m pissed about it.
  2. They seriously don’t know who should be in the meeting which is just as freightening.
  3. You don’t have enough to do. If this is the case, I’ll off-load some of my shit onto you. Then you’ll have plenty and these meetings to plan other meetings will stop.
  4. Meetings make you feel important. If that’s the case, nothing I say will help you. That’s some shit you have to deal with on your own.
  5. You need meetings to justify your existence. Again, I can’t help you.
  6. You just love meetings. Nope. I can’t imagine that this person actually exists but I’ll put it in here because if I didn’t, someone would pipe up and make the comment-even though no one EVER comments on my blogs. I’m lonely folks, give us a comment.

What’s the lesson here?

Be mindful of other people’s time. I don’t want to sit in a meeting with the hopes of a meaningful discussion arising organically. THAT. NEVER. HAPPENS. People don’t want to engage with anyone, let along meaningless meetings that don’t accomplish anything.

Make that one of your New Year’s resolutions.

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