Anniversary Gifts

It was our anniversary last week. I’m not sure which day, they’re all a blur. We didn’t really celebrate with a dinner or anything. In fact, I think Ross was working so I’m pretty sure it was just me and Scarlett on the 6th or 7th of October. Here’s the thing, we were either married on 10/6/2007 OR 10/7/2006. I have no idea which one. This means that we’ve either been married for 15 or 16 years. Dyslexia is a bitch! I’ve just started saying that “we’ve been married for like a 100 years” and that seems to cover it. I know we started dating in 2004. The ONLY reason I know this is because that’s when I started working at my current employer and the year is LITERALLY in my employee ID number.

So, to celebrate this anniversary that neither of us can remember . . . we bought a new mattress and boxsprings. Our anniversary was really the justification for the purchase since I’m pretty sure we bought that mattress before we were married. There were divets in the mattress where we had slept for the last 100 years (see how that works). It was like crawling out of a pothole every morning. Also, I don’t want to think about how gross that mattress was.

We went to the same place we bought the other mattress and got the same thing. I need to sleep on a slab of granite. Anything soft and I either won’t sleep or I wake up stiff. I walk in the door and ask for the firmest mattress they have. You don’t bounce on this thing. It’s wonderful.

Here’s the thing though. Its so GOD DAMN HIGH! I feel like I might need a guardrail so I don’t break my neck if/when I fall off. I then went and bought a fluffy mattress pad (which is amazing) and just made it higher. I was really afraid the sheets wouldn’t fit.

Side note – the new height of this bed has made it really easy for the hefty cat to get up on the top of the headboard. I’ve woken up a few times to a cat staring down at me which is unnerving.

Even having a pair of orangey eyes staring down at me hasn’t mattered though because I have passed the fuck out which has been lovely.

Anniversary success!

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