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Tickets, Fees, and Basketball

It’s been a while. I know. I know. I’m supposed to be posting on Monday and Friday EVERY WEEK! And I’ve skipped *cough* three posts…maybe. Yes, I am a horrible blogger. But we all knew this already.  Now that I’ve been properly chastised, can we discuss something really important. Ticketmaster.

I have purchased quite a few tickets lately which is so unlike me. Scarlett and I are going to A Charlie Brown Christmas next month, then I bought Ross Weezer/Pixie concert tickets (he’s going to make me go with him *sigh*), and then Disney’s Frozen on Ice – that’s right! I bought Disney on Ice tickets! I am not ashamed. Anyway, this means that I’ve gotten charged approximately $140 just in transaction/service fees. WHAT?!?


That’s just a rough estimate, by the way, it was probably more.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, TICKETMASTER? Seriously. I don’t think I would feel so robbed if that was included in the price. When I’m looking at tickets and the price is $56 each, I think I’m paying $112 for two tickets which seems like a good deal. Then, you slap the service fees on there and suddenly it’s a $151.60. We won’t even talk about the Disney on Ice tickets where I bought three tickets.

The reason we’re talking about this is last night, Ross and I were looking at NCAA Tourney tickets. The first weekend is going to have games in Columubs. COLUMBUS! If you’ve read my blog regularly, you know I love college basketball. LOVE! I cannot express to you the amount of joy college basketball brings. I watch the stupid games where I have zero investment in November. The OSU men’s basketball schedule is on my calendar. Ross and I take days off at Tourney time to go to the bar and watch the games ALL DAY LONG. I cannot emphasize how much I love college hoops. Those tickets were (and these are the cheap ones) $198 EACH. That would mean that with the extra fees, we’d pay close to $500 for basketball tickets. I love basketball but I’m also cheap. I just don’t think I can justify $500. And now I’m incredibly sad.

It’s Tourny Time!!!

First, the selection show was stupid! Really, you only have to know the alphabet to figure out which teams are in and out. Ugh!

Second, why are there so many SEC teams in there? And How did St. Mary’s not make it in with a 28-5 Record? Meanwhile, Alabama with a 19-5 records get a 9 seed. WHAT?

Third, I’ve printed out my bracket and I’m ready to make some hard decisions. I’m very excited about this and we’ll be at the bar on Thursday and Friday to watch all the games. That’s right, I took vacation time to watch basketball. I feel zero guilt. Actually, I don’t think I have the capability to feel guilt. That’s a conversation about a different day.

March might be the best month EVER!

Weight Watchers is a Downer

I’ve been on Weight Watchers – off and on – for the better part of a million years. They have sooooo much of my money. I mean, it works if you follow it. IF. There are times when it’s really really hard; like during Tournament time.

We’re going to BW3’s for two days to watch the games. Yep, I took vacation time to go to a bar. I’m not sad about it either.

Anyway, Ross and I were scrolling through the Weight Watcher’s site to see how many points things were. Keep in mind, I have 26 points per day.



Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap with Grilled Chicken


Buffalo Wild Wings Shareable Cheese Curds


Buffalo Wild Wings Shareables Ultimate Nachos

I love nachos, btw. Who doesn’t. I would’ve totally ordered this before and loved every minute of it.


Buffalo Wild Wings Santa Fe Salad, Grilled Chicken (with Cilantro Lime Dressing)



Buffalo Wild Wings Shareables Soft Pretzels with Queso and Southwest Ranch

Remember that I get 26 points in a day and we’re going for two days.

Here’s what Ross will be eating (probably both days).



Buffalo Wild Wings Big Jack Daddy Burger (with Fries)


Buffalo Wild Wings Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice cream and Fudge Sauce

That’s 99 points! That’s almost 4 days worth of food for me. And he’s eating that both days. UGH! This is what I’ll be eating.



Buffalo Wild Wings Naked Tenders, 6 Piece, Plain


Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Salad with Grilled Chicken (without Dressing)

This doesn’t even include the beer. I’m already sad about this.