Weight Watchers is a Downer

I’ve been on Weight Watchers – off and on – for the better part of a million years. They have sooooo much of my money. I mean, it works if you follow it. IF. There are times when it’s really really hard; like during Tournament time.

We’re going to BW3’s for two days to watch the games. Yep, I took vacation time to go to a bar. I’m not sad about it either.

Anyway, Ross and I were scrolling through the Weight Watcher’s site to see how many points things were. Keep in mind, I have 26 points per day.



Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Ranch Chicken Wrap with Grilled Chicken


Buffalo Wild Wings Shareable Cheese Curds


Buffalo Wild Wings Shareables Ultimate Nachos

I love nachos, btw. Who doesn’t. I would’ve totally ordered this before and loved every minute of it.


Buffalo Wild Wings Santa Fe Salad, Grilled Chicken (with Cilantro Lime Dressing)



Buffalo Wild Wings Shareables Soft Pretzels with Queso and Southwest Ranch

Remember that I get 26 points in a day and we’re going for two days.

Here’s what Ross will be eating (probably both days).



Buffalo Wild Wings Big Jack Daddy Burger (with Fries)


Buffalo Wild Wings Chocolate Fudge Cake with Ice cream and Fudge Sauce

That’s 99 points! That’s almost 4 days worth of food for me. And he’s eating that both days. UGH! This is what I’ll be eating.



Buffalo Wild Wings Naked Tenders, 6 Piece, Plain


Buffalo Wild Wings Lunch Salad with Grilled Chicken (without Dressing)

This doesn’t even include the beer. I’m already sad about this.

One thought on “Weight Watchers is a Downer”

  1. I was just looking up the point is I am going there tonight and I was disgusted at how much the Santa Fe salad is. I really can’t even understand it. Maybe it’s because of the avocado in the tortilla strips and probably the dressing but if you take all of those away it kind of negates even getting the salad in the first place.

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