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Movies, Superheros, and Constructing a Narrative

So, I had a lot of time off over the holidays. Did I get any writing done?

Um, no. That’s going to be a big negative.

What I did do was read some books, do family/holiday stuff, and practice my new trombone. That’s right, I got a trombone for christmas from my very loving and soon to be very sorry husband. I also watched a few movies. Let’s talk about one of those movies in particular.

Prepare yourself, for this epic rant because I didn’t know how angry I was until I started talking about it to Ross that night after I watched Black Adam.

There’s alot going around about how this bombed and how everyone is getting recast to reboot DCEU . . . again.

This movie wasn’t horrible. It was just the same shit DC does with all there live action movies. Its the same problems that all the other movies had – with the exception of Wonder Woman (2017) and Man of Steel (2013). I would like to pay particular homage to Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Trilogy – a complete character/story arc which is now the exception, rather than te rule. In Black Adam, DCEU treated its audience like they were stupid and that they would consume anything they threw at the masses.

This is incorrect and, quite frankly, insulting.

You have to tell an actual fucking story. You can’t just throw some characters into the movie without backstory, build-up, goals, motivations, or -most importantly- conflicts and think that its going to work. Because it won’t.

You know why Marvel movies/content work so well? Because people sat down and figured out what story they wanted to tell and DID THE FUCKING WORK. They laid the groundwork for new characters, and items, concepts in each subsequent film or show. They built a narrative that drew people in. Even if not every movie or tv show is a hit, they build upon each other. Marvel, under Kevin Feige, built actual storyboards to continue a story through multiple films instead of this disjointed nonsense that the DCEU keeps presenting.

DCEU seems to refuse to do this. They just throw a bunch of shit at you without the cohesion of an actual narrative and bank on the decades of comic book devotion to carry the rest. The reason that there is such devotion to these comics is because of THE STORIES THEY TOLD! If the comics pulled this shit, DC would have collapsed decades ago.

James Gunn can recast anything and everything several times over. Here’s a little secret, though. The problem isn’t the actors. The problem is the story telling. You’re not delivering a product that people want to buy regardless of the packaging. Packaging (aka actors) only get you so far.

Black Adam was the same shit DCEU has been throwing at us for years now.

Here’s another thing that pissed me off.

Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate was a chef’s kiss of casting and DCEU WASTED HIM! Literally wasted him. Wasted the character. Wasted the actor. I can’t even express to you how appaled I was by the end of that movie.

They didn’t even explain Hawkman. They didn’t explain why this dude had giant wings attached to his back and could fly. They didn’t explain why he lived in a palatial english type estate in Lousiana. They did nothing, not in this movie or any other movies to lay the ground work for this. And let’s be honest. The only interesting shit about Hawkman is Hawkgirl and she was no where in site.

They put together a group of people for this world saving mission with no introductions to ANY of them. And somehow, Amanda Waller is involved. . .

Black Adam was just one more shitshow in a long line of lazy shitshows that came from the DCEU. I keep watching these movies in the hopes that they’ll finally get it right. The animated movies are so good! DCEU just can’t seem to translate that animation narrative to the live action movies and that’s sad. They have so much material to work with and they seem to be ignoring it.

And in a Covid world, you have to put out a really good product that has me itching to see it to get me in a theatre. Sorry DCEU, but your movies just don’t rate.

Infinity War

We finally managed to see Infinity War. I’m not even sure what just happened. I feel betrayed. Angry. Grief-stricken.

This was one of the most AMAZING things EVER! This shit never happens. There’s a comfort in knowing that all your favorite characters are going to survive and that they are going to win the battle. That didn’t happen.


I cried when Gamora died. I could see it coming and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I lost my shit when Quill lost his shit. I cried when when Thanos actually did what he said he was going to do and people just started disintegrating. Again, I was prepared for death. I knew it was coming since it had taken me two months to see it. The tears were not as hard or as many as they should probably have been, but even knowing that people were going to die, I cried.

Now, having the foreknowledge that some of those people have upcoming movies. Does that mean they are back and the time stone fixes all wounds or that they are re-envisioned. I personally would love to see Shuri (T’Challa’s sister and mega genius) take over the Black Panther role. That would be AMAZING!

I might have to see it again to take it all in.

Suicide Squad

Ross and I just got finished watching Suicide Squad. What the hell was that? No, seriously, what the hell was that? I just don’t understand why Marvel movies are so good and DC movies are so bad. I mean, I do. DC movies always have too many characters, too much shit going on, and zero plot and/or character development. We got through an hour and NOTHING had happened yet. I’m so confused about what the point of the Joker even was. Also, why did Jared Leto get second billing? He was in it for like 15 minutes and not even all together.

However, I am in love with the fact that Margot Robbie clearly binged on Batman the Animated Series to watch Harley Quinn and pick up the mannerisms and, let’s face it, the crazy. She was clearly the highlight.

Also, Ben Affleck makes some cameos as Batman. I personally think that Ben Affleck is a horrible actor. He should really just stick to doing things behind the camera. He’s a phenomenal director, screen writer, and producer. The issue with his performance as Batman is that it wasn’t even his fault. I can’t even blame Batffleck¬†for the horribleness of Batman vs Superman or in Suicide Squad. The movies themselves were horrible.

I have huge expectations for Wonder Woman.

I expect that not only that it follow the Captain America model but that it will actually be good. Coming from DC, though, I can’t be sure. And that, makes me sad.