Forgotten But Not Lost

I need a personal assistant. No really. I know I’ve said this before but I really really do. I can’t remember to do SHIT. I got halfway through my day before I remembered it was Wednesday and I hadn’t posted anything. So, you’re welcome for the very well thought out blog I’m posting today. #whatevs

I have too much stuff going on; professional, authory (that’s a word I just made up, #you’rewelcome), and personal. I keep forgetting that Scarlett has her first swim lesson on Saturday. Now, I know there’s something I have to do but for the life of me I can’t remember what that is until I go into my calendar. I got an email from an RT book convention organizer yesterday to fill out a form for some free publicity (which I still need to do) but I only think about it when I’m in the bathroom. By the time I get back, I’ve promptly forgotten about it again as my mind is swamped with other things.

I realize that I’m getting old. I’m going to be 40 in a couple of months – of which Ross LOVES to remind me. This type of thing is going to happen but doesn’t my brain understand that I’ve got shit to do? Like, for real. I had to start putting things “to do” on my calendar so I would remember. Are you kidding me? My brain used to be a steel trap. At best, we’re talking about a steel sieve at this point.

So, what can you take away from this lament?

  1. I’m getting old.
  2. I’m also getting forgetful but in a weird amnesia kinda way. I know something should be in that space in my mind, I just can’t remember what it is.
  3. I need a personal assistant. A free personal assistant because I don’t have that kinda money. An intern! Is anyone looking for intern credit? I’m willing.
  4. If I make through the day today without getting lost or forgetting my name, we should all count ourselves lucky.

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