Which One Are You?

I didn’t get a post out on Monday. I was SICK, like watching bad tv and eating nothing but toast sick. I watched a couple of things. Allied was pretty good. From my last post, you know I love WWII melodramas. Brad Pitt though, he is looking deceptively young. His face looks fine but his neck is starting to show weird old man sagging, which honestly, just makes me a little sad.

I watched My Cousin Rachel. Not good. I basically hated all the characters and didn’t honestly care whether she killed the cousin or not. If he acted anything like the lead, then I kinda give her props for doing it.

I also watched Girls Trip, which I had seen before and it was hilarious. Everyone has that one friend that is over the top and says just about anything that comes to mind. I started thinking about all of my friends and where they fit in the group.

There’s the friend that is poised and always has her shit together. There’s the mother of the group who takes care of everyone. There’s the person who makes it or breaks it but does it on her own terms. Then there’s the one that says whatever the hell she wants without fear, defends her friends with a ferocity that might scare people. This is the “Dina” of the group. When I couldn’t find a “Dina”, I realized that it might actually be me. I’m going to be honest with you, I didn’t feel that bad about it either.

Beware, there is some profanity in this clip. Those who know me – or hell, have read this blog at any point – know that profanity is like a second language to me.

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