Here’s the thing, I love all the new content. I really really do. Loved Mindhunters.


Loved Altered Carbon.


We won’t even talk about Godless again. LOVED IT. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, I just want to watch old movies from the 90’s. Why are those only available through the DVD service. Who the hell still gets dvd’s. Let’s go Netflix, update your streaming library and include bullshit, sappy movies like Shining Through. Yep, that’s right. I said it. SHINING. THROUGH. Sometimes, I just want to watch a 1940’s WWII spy melodrama where Melanie Griffith looked good. What?


But nooooo! This is available in dvd only. Come on!?! Who exactly is requesting THAT dvd anyway. Just let me stream it in shame-filled peace.

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