I’m Back!

So, Disney was a win.

PhotoPass_Visiting_MK_410478798047.jpgThis is the last day in Florida and she was DONE by the time we were on our way out at 5:30pm! Also, yes, that shirt does say “Mistress of all Evil”. #you’rewelcome

I didn’t eat nearly as much sugar as I’d hoped. No Churros. No waffle sandwiches. I’m still sad about that one. I did eat more than my share of cupcakes from Sprinkles, though. The banana cupcake was amazing. However, the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s Tavern was gigantic and all three of us ate a single roll. I also had a Dole Whip. It was good but I don’t understand the fanaticism. I will say this, the mobile ordering was incredible. That was the real win. I put in the order while we were in the Tiki Room and by the time I got out, it was ready and I simply picked it up. AWESOME!

Cinderella’s Royal Table was phenomenal. The character dining was worth every penny, the immersion of being in the castle was something to see. I don’t feel bad about the amount of money we spent on character dining.

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My kiddo managed to not have an accident the whole week! Hell’s yeah! We had a lot of false starts but no poop or pee in her pants. Also, a major win.

Now, for the downers. First, about 15 seconds after stepping out into the Florida heat and humidity, my face broke out in a wicked combination of heat rash and acne. FUN! This grew progressively worse over the course of the week until I resembled an ogre from an old fairy tale. Fitting really, considering where we were. Then I cracked my knee on the ship from Peter Pan’s Flight as i tried to carry her into it and get us all situated. The below is a picture of the bruise on my knee which, honestly, doesn’t do it justice. I’m waiting for it to turn a deep purple as it makes it’s way to the surface. This is four days later, btw, and it’s just now turning.


The top of my head got sun burned down the length of my part, so there’s that. I don’t really notice until I forget about it and brush my hair and then yelp in burning, agonizing pain.

I spent four days in the car and learned one important thing. Next time, we fly.

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