Unseen Stresses

I’m crazy and my husband can attest to this. In fact, he tells me this on a fairly regular basis. I know he’s probably right but this is who I am. I stress. I stew. I anticipate every problem and make contingency plans. I can’t tell you the stress that has been lifted off my shoulders just to know that Scarlett’s preschool and daycare move has been ironed out.

The daycare she’s in now, is fine. One of the major problems is that it doesn’t bus to the elementary school she will eventually be enrolled in. That’s a problem. And to boot, there are limited choices in my area that do bus to that elementary school. Most of the preschools/daycares are private, church based preschools that only meet several days a week. You know, for those people who don’t have full time jobs or for people with Nanny’s, cause I live in that type of burb.

But, after paying this place $150 just to grace the wait list for a year and 3 months, Scarlett has secured a space in their preschool beginning…wait for it…August of 2018.

Now, you might say…what the actual hell? You will have been on the wait list for 2 years. Yes, that is true, but some of the additional pressure was that Scarlett needed to be potty trained in order to be enrolled in their preschool. And, if some of you have read my posts about the dreaded potty, you’ll know we’re not quite there yet…

Having that extra time, just eliminates the low boiling stress that was eating away at me on a daily basis.

Now, when there’s a unicorn horn poking out of her pants, my reactions are much more subdued. I no longer have a countdown clock ticking away in the back of my brain. This shit, ha ha pun intended, can run its course. She has nine months to figure it out. We can do that.

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