WIP Snippet – No Title Yet

I’ve got nothing today, I’m just not that interesting. So, you get a snippet of what I’m working on.


“Okay, so, maybe Dahlia was right,” I blurted, taking a cautious step back. 

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” Ev growled. He enunciated “her” like he was talking about a deity. He wasn’t. At least, I was pretty sure Dahlia wasn’t a God. Things changed around here every day so who knew. But the last time I checked, she definitely wasn’t a God. Didn’t keep Ev from using that awe inspired tone thought. I wasn’t jealous . . . I wasn’t.  

My werewolf protector stepped in front of me, putting himself between me and the horde of ghouls. I may be a witch but I didn’t heal as quickly or as thoroughly as the werewolves and vampires did.  “How many were there when we started?” he asked with a quick glance at me over his shoulder.  

“Two. There were two ghouls.” I whispered, hoping not to sound like prey. I reached behind me to grab the bag I’d left on the tombstone as we practiced. I’d done everything Josephine had told me to banish ghouls. Followed every step. I swear I did. I don’t know what happened. 

“Well, there are definitely seven now,” Ev’s voice deepened with a growl more ghouls approached, spreading out to encircle us, corralling us. Ghouls were disgusting little creatures. About three feet tall, with skin that was rubbery and dark gray, they lurched and hopped forward. Hair sprung out in strange patches, on their arms, legs, and some even on their heads. Their beady little eyes shone in the moonlight, tiny pinpricks of menace. Their jagged teeth glistened with saliva and their low snarls of hungry bellies twisted my gut into nervous knots.  

I took another step back, reaching blindly for my bag as I got ready to run. Ghouls ate flesh. Human flesh. And I wasn’t about to their midnight snack.   

“When I say run, you take off to the SUV and lock the doors,” Ev said, his tone a demand he didn’t usually use with me. A part of me bristled at the command, not wanting to be told what to do. Then again, there was a part of me that really really liked it. I had to keep that last bit to myself.  

I took another blind step backward and ran into the headstone, knocking my bag and all its contents onto the ground.  

“Crap!” I hissed. 

“Leave it,” Ev growled. 

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