Quiet Anxiety

This might be kind of a downer, but ugh, I’m having doubts.

I’m planning the last three books of The Blushing Death series because all good things must come to an end. Plus, I’m not looking to be in a Laurell K. Hamilton situation. I’m just not. I know when enough is, in fact, enough.

I’m also working on a set of books for Brittany and Ev who exist in the same world as Dahlia. Those of you who’ve read my books know who they are.

Here’s my problem. Once those are done…then what? Is this all I have in me?

I’ve written other books (unpublished and sitting in my dropbox), but they’re a hot mess and I know it.

I’m sure every writer goes through this stage of doubt and second guessing oneself. But let me be clear, this is sooooooo unlike me. I’m the person who doesn’t actually realize there were supposed to be obstacles. I see something that I need to do or that I want to do and I just do it. However, stressing about long term problems is definitely me. Again, because I’m a problem solver.

I’m not fishing for anything, honestly, I’m not. I just needed to acknowledge the fact that I might be a drift for a while and maybe that’s okay. Maybe it’s not and I might stress the fuck out. But then again, Ross will tell you, I’d do that anyway. It isn’t a whole lot different than a normal Friday. Because honestly, here’s my list of what I’m currently stressing about.

  1. Finishing Brittany’s book #1
  2. Christmas (cause who doesn’t)
  3. Disney Vacation in March
  4. Birthday party in March
  5. Getting passports renewed
  6. Work (generally like everyone else)
  7. Buying a new car
  8. The cat
  9. Dahlia’s book #8
  10. Prepping for RT and getting swag
  11. Generally making my life work on a day to day basis

See, I’m like this all the time. I’ll just switch one out for the other once I’ve got something situated. I’m a constant ball of prepping and quiet anxiety. Welcome to my life.

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