So, you remember how I said I was going to follow everyone again because my feed was nothing but ads and recipes…

Yeah, that was a mistake.

I’ve got political crazies that don’t really check their news sources, on both sides.

I’ve got someone who posts every 10 minutes about how someone should love them. All I keep thinking is, “no wonder you’re single cause each post, on it’s own, is fine. As a parade of neediness, it borders a little on the crazy side.”

I’ve got people asking me to play games. I realize this isn’t because I’m following them but it still pisses me off. Stop. I don’t play games on Facebook.

Also, stop asking random questions out into the Facebook ether. You’re an adult. Act like it and make a damned decision.

So, it looks like I’m going to be unfollowing some people again. Joy of joys.

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