Vacation! Yeah, I’m stressing already…

We’re going on vacation in March and it’s already stressing me out. We’re going to Disney World and let’s talk about this. I LOVE DISNEY! I mean, long standing and deep love.


However, this is an expensive vacation. Three tickets for three people was $900! That doesn’t even include hotel and flight (if you’re flying). We are driving and quiet frankly, I’m torn. I don’t want to waste 4 days of my vacation driving. Ross doesn’t want to do it all in one day and I think that might be tough on Scarlett. I also don’t want to pay another $1000 on flights and then more money on a rental.

Another wrinkle, if we want to sit down at a restaurant in the park, we have to make reservations. NOW. You can reserve tables up to 180 days in advance but you have to have purchased tickets already in order to make the reservation. I clearly waited too long. I went in yesterday to see what was available and the answer is . . . not much. I only wanted one meal per day. Something where we could relax for a while without the hustle and bustle of the park reminding me that we need to go go go. Slim picking at 162 days out.

I also ran into the issue of character dining. Scarlett will be three by then but I have the sneaking suspicion that those people with the big heads are going to freak her the fuck out. She loves Minnie and Mickey, but does she love them enough to be excited and not scared? I have no idea. I guess we’ll find out. Let the melt down commence!

So, wish me luck . . . I’m going to need it.

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