GOT Ruins Everything

I’m not joking. I think Game of Thrones has ruined my television watching experience. I’ve come to expect jaw dropping excitement with each episode and your premieres and finales better be top notch or I just don’t have the time for you.

I still have three episodes of the Flash from last season that I haven’t watched because, honestly, I didn’t care if Iris lived or died. I was really hoping she was dead cause I was awful tired of that story-line.

Last night was the season premiere of Outlander and I’ve been looking forward to this for WEEKS and it was . . . lackluster. It was all flashbacks. DAMN IT, I want to see her hunting Jamie down. There’s so much ground to cover in this book and I’m afraid they’re not going to get to half of it. Oh God, what if they split it over two seasons? I can’t. I need to see Jamie Fraser fight a bear with his bare hands now. NOW, do you hear me?

So, I hold out hope for next week, and the week after, and the week after, and the week after. You get the picture.

I’m definitely not going back to the Flash though. I have Arrow to tide me over for my superhero fix.

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