So, after I got home last night, I got a mild mannered lecture about posting about my work by Ross.

Insert stern face here.

And he was . . . GULP . . . right. UGH! So, I’ve pulled it down and deleted it from all the sites. I hate it when he’s right. It really just ruins my record.

Anyway, that means I owe you some extra content. Something fun. Something snarky – cause let’s face it – that’s what I do best. Something that will brighten, not only my day, but yours.

The other night, Ross and I were watching Enchanted. You know, the Amy Adams/Patrick Dempsey Disney flick. We were watching it alone and without the child, by the way. I’m not at all ashamed. We started talking about Patrick Dempsey. Ross didn’t understand why women thought he was attractive. The only way I could describe it to him was like this.

Patrick Dempsey is Harlequin handsome. He’s the billionaire/millionaire from Manhattan that sweeps some unsuspecting girl off her feet. See below.


Look at him! That might as well be Patrick Dempsey. Once I put it that way, Ross looked at me and said, “I’d never thought of it that way, but you’re right.”

Meanwhile, Gerard Butler is the rock-hard Alpha male in most paranormals and the military/police romances. An example.


I’m adding Ilona Andrews here because I love them. I’m listening to this book now and it’s amazing. You should go buy it. No, seriously, right now. Go buy it.

So, back to Enchanted. Ross thought that James Marsden was clearly the more attractive of the two. I pointed out that James Marsden, as the prince, was – well – a prince, or a duke, or a lord. Whatever the historical romance calls for. To prove my point:



This is fun. Anyway, there’s a reason that “types” are “types” and that people get typecast.

What are your thoughts? Examples?

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