I’m Working Again!!!

I’ve been finding it hard to not only set aside the time to write (both in my notebook and actual words on the page) but just finding the creativity time to get my head in the right space. It’s hard to think about complicated magic rules and graphic violence while the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song is playing in the back ground. Or while a tiny person is climbing all over you, calling “I wanna pick you up.”

I’ve heard a thousand times that ‘you have to make time, even if it’s in the laundry room’. That’s great and I hope that works for you. It doesn’t work for me. I write some dark, complicated, and graphic shit. It’s just not that easy for me to slip into the right head space for 15 minutes and then come out. I don’t work that way.

It seems, though, that the sky has cleared and now, I’m working without hindrance. I’ve been writing (in either format) each day. Getting something down somewhere. I can feel the flow that had been there before the tiny person came along. I’m excited. And that’s something that hasn’t happened in a while.

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