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Ode to Gränsakskaka

First, if you thought this was going to be an actual poem – Nope. Joke’s on you



You may look at this and say, what the actual hell is even in that? How do you say it? Why would you buy food at Ikea? The answer to all those questions is . . . I don’t know. I don’t care. They are delicious and I don’t even care that they’re 4 points EACH. They are cheesy, oniony, and quite frankly – even though I’m over broccoli – I can eat this with broccoli in it and not completely turn my stomach. I am soooooo broccoli’d out. I’m also over green beans. I think this might be my last week of corn too. There’s only so much corn you can eat before your body rejects every kernel. Plus, I’ve discovered that if you actually cut the kernels from the cob…there’s so much more corn. Who knew? I’ve been eating a cob of corn (is that how’d you say that???) every day for three weeks. That’s alot.

You may ask yourself, why is she spending an entire blog on this weird food item? That’s a justified question. It’s because they’re fucking amazing. I ate one as a snack the other day. That’s right. I heated up my oven to 390° (because that’s a random temperature) and popped it in the oven. I was sad that I didn’t put more. I made them for dinner (and graciously left one for Ross – by the way) and when he came in with a Wendy’s bag…

I’m still a little mad at him for wasting it and that was three days ago.

Next time I go to Ikea, I need to get like four boxes of these things. #SorryNotSorry