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Ears! Ears! And More Ears!

As previously discussed on this blog, I have a disney problem. We just got back from Walt Disney World . . . again. However, this time we did go to Epcot. It was my first time and I’m okay with that. I think the only reason you go to Epcot is to eat and drink. We did ride Ratatouille, which was cute. I managed to get on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in its first week of opening righ off the bat as the park opened, mostly due to my superior skills in joining the virtual queue. The key here kids, is using the naval observatory clock on a separtate phone or computer and matching that to hit join on the exact moment it turns over.

I do realize that sounds crazy and obnoxious but that’s what you have to do to win at Disney.

Here’s where I might have gone a little overboard. I have a thing. I buy a pair of ears for each day in the park. That’s my souvenir. I also bought one for my daughter for each day. To be fair, she bought herself a couple with some gift cards she had. Plus, since I knew we weren’t coming back for a while . . . at least not for the rest of 2022 or in 2023, I bought another one for each day. I had several rationales. The extra set in Magic Kingdom was because it was adorable and I had to have it. The extra set in Hollywood Studios was because it was cool. The extra set in Epcot was because it was macarons and I love macarons, and because I would most likely never ever go back. I just don’t know that its worth it. Although, Scarlett was oddly fascinated with Spaceship Earth. The whole non-world showcase part of Epcot had a very 80’s mall kinda vibe. I was not impressed.

Here is my haul:

Yes, I have small Mickey Mouse heads to hang my ears on. I’m not ashamed. I’m dedicated to a theme.

Did I go overboard? Yes, I did.

Did I probably instill an unhealthy habit in my daughter? Most likely.

Am I sad about any of it? Nope, I’m sure not.

Muppet Babies

As many of you know, I have a small child. What this means is that my television viewing no longer includes things that I particularly want to watch. We watch quite a bit of Disney Junior. There are some weird shows on there but there’s one in particular that I’m fairly disappointed. When I was little, I used to watch Muppet Babies all the time. You remember Muppet Babies…don’t you.


I had some particular favorites. Sure, everyone loved Kermit and Miss Piggy because that’s who everyone was supposed to like. I personally loved Rowlf, Beaker and Bunsen, and Scooter. I never really thought to hard about it when I was little but watching the new Muppet Babies with my daughter, I’m missing the diversity that the other show seemed to have. It’s not only the issue of race but of different types of people all finding their way together. In the back of my head I keep thinking #MuppetsSoWhite which I’m not sure is fair because Scarlett doesn’t know better. But I do. I know there’s a better version that was more inclusive. The story lines in the current Muppet Babies make a point of the babies learning lessons to figure out inclusivity but the original managed to do it, and just by having all the characters present together.


Something about this just makes me sad.