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Long Weekend Lag

I completely forgot to post a blog yesterday. Mostly because I forgot it was Monday, call it a casualty of the long weekend.

In celebration of the long weekend, yesterday there was a marathon of Star Wars on TV. What this means for normal people is not what it means in our house. This is the conversation after we got back from the park.

Scarlett: I don’t want to watch Star Wars (cause she knows what it is upon seeing it at 3 years old – process that).

Ross: Well, Daddy wants to watch Star Wars and it’s time for Daddy TV.

Me: Scarlett, this is a lesson to learn early. When Star Wars is on, Daddy’s going to watch it.

Scarlett: But I don’t wanna watch Star Wars!

Me: Hey, Scarlett! Who’s that? (I said pointing at the TV).

Scarlett: Princess Leia! (This was shouted in glee. I’ve been trying to show her princesses with good leadership skills and who don’t take a lot of shit.)

Crisis averted and she actually started to watch it. Now, whether this was because of a complete surrender to the nap she’d avoided during the early afternoon or something else, I can’t say. However, she watched a good hour of Empire.

After she passed out on the couch, sitting up, Ross and I started talking about the fiscal solvency of the rebellion. Here are the major points.

  1. the Rebellion always leaves a bunch of expensive shit behind when they have to flee a hideout. Where are they getting all the cash flow for these computers.
  2. With all the beep boop beep boop equipment happening on both sides, why can’t the Empire just track sales of this equipment and find these people?
  3. We are sacrificing A LOT of fighters and actual men, for ships to get away. Who’s on those ships?

I thought the Empire troop carriers that look like elephants were stupid, but Ross started making all of these military history comparisons and listing the names of these things – like they actually exist on this planet – that’s when I knew we were done. We had veered off course into Star Wars fan-land, never to return.