Let’s talk about Selena+Chef for a moment.

Its not a great show. Its not a bad show. Its just a lovely show. Ross and I watch it when we have nothing going on and need a little something to tide us over between episodes of Young Justice or whatever else we’re binging through at the moment.

Selena Gomez started this during lockdown, looking for something to do and a way to give back which is commendable. Listen, she gives money to charities with each episode-chef’s choice-and found a way to add a revenue stream from her house when everything else was shut down. Way to go, Selena!

When we first started watching this, I knew who Selena Gomez was, but I didn’t listen to her music or watch anything she was in before. After watching her though, I would say I am a fan. Not of her songs or her shows but just of her. Throughout the course of the three seasons, I’ve watched her almost cut off her finger. . .multiple times; catch parchment paper on fine; start a grease fire; blend without the lid; break a jar of olives by pressing too hard; burn some shit. There are probably more things that I’m forgetting but those are the highlights of the things I’ve watched her mess up. But we’ve all done those things.

I’ve also watched her learn what Mise en Place means-which had been said and explained to her many times over the course of the first season. She got it by season two.

I watched her learn how to use a knife. There were a few times I was scared for her fingers but over the episodes, she learned how to use a knife properly and which knives to use.

I’ve watched her learn and become more comfortable in the kitchen and with herself in the kitchen.

To be honest, I’m kinda proud of Selena.

Then there’s Raquel.

Raquel is her. . .friend? Part of her entourage? Honestly, I don’t know. She lives in Selena’s house, I don’t know that she has a job other than being Selena Gomez’s friend. She feels the need to be present for every show. Say something all-the-fucking-time. And generally include herself in the interview process which just seems weird. I find her incredibly annoying. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screamed, “Shut up, Raquel!” the the TV. Is there a place I can write an angry letter to get Raquel removed? All her other friends are fine. Raquel just really gets under my skin.

Anyway, I’m excited for season four. You can watch Selena+Chef on HBOMax.

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