Closing Doors

Why are closing doors/cabinets/the REFRIGERATOR so hard? No. Seriously? This is a legitimate question. I routinely walk around my house closing doors.

This morning, I came out to my car in the garage to find that my back passenger door was still open from the night before. What? How hard is it to give the door a little push when you get the kid out of the car. Luckily, I have my interior lights turned off so it didn’t drain my battery. If my car hand’t started this morning, a battle royale of epic proportions would have ensued.

I don’t go in the kitchen without closing some cabinets or the pantry door. I’ve even walked into the kitchen to find the refrigerator door hanging wide open.

After in depth discussions with my coworkers, I have discovered that this is not isolated to my house. This happens in other houses as well. Why?


Dudes? Seriously? Why can’t you close doors?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. I seriously want to know. What is it about the door that causes you to rebel?

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