Sappy HOliday Movies

It is the Christmas season and you know what that means…

Sappy, overly nostalgic, and corny Hallmark movies. That’s right. Not only did I watch The Christmas Prince A Royal Wedding over the weekend, but I went back and watched the original because I had refresh my memory about what happened last year.  Just as a reminder, here are the trailers.

The Original
Round 2

The lead character is played by Rose McIver who was born in 1988. Meanwhile, she looks my age, close to 40. Maybe it was the makeup or the lighting but I’m thinking this woman looks better as a zombie.

zombie face

What I also noticed this weekend that hadn’t occurred to me last year was that, these two people had zero chemistry. At some points, it seemed like they didn’t even like each other. It was awkward and uncomfortable to watch. 

So what’s next, you ask? What could possibly follow such a clusterfuck of ridiculousness? 

Yes, please!

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