Mom Win!

It’s almost Halloween time! This year, Scarlett is going to be Jesse from Toy Story. She’s very excited. She LOVES Toy Story and Jesse. I mean LOVES!

I got her the fancy costume but the only thing that was missing was the bright red, yarn wig. I couldn’t find one of those anywhere. That’s not true. There were some on Etsy but by the time I decided I was going to do this thing right, it was too late to order one. Plus, let’s be honest here. I wasn’t going to pay $32 for a wig she would only wear for about an hour. I know this thing is coming off.

So, instead, I decided I would make it myself. Ross went and got the felt and the yarn, to the amazement of every woman in JoAnn Fabrics. Evidently, I was the envy of every woman in there because my husband ran an errand for me.

After watching the YouTube video, I realized that I would need a sewing machine. So, yeah, I understand this is stupid. I refused to spend $32 on a wig but then spent $89.99 on a sewing machine. I have rationalized this by the idea that I could make other things…or at the very least, fix some of the things that we normally just throw the garment away for. I’ve been wearing a dress for years that the hem came out, just because I love it and hope that no one notices.

Well, it was slow going. Two grown adults had a real hard time figuring out how to thread this thing.


We absolutely did it wrong the first time. At that point, I decided that if we ever got this thing working, we were never changing the thread. Everything I fixed would just have to be red.

It took me an hour and it’s not the classiest thing but I did it.


That’s right! Mom win! I made a yarn wig.

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