Hawaiian Crescent Rolls

This is a real life conversation that happened last night.

Ross: Did you know they have Hawaiian crescent rolls?

Me: Yeah

Ross: We should get some.

Me: We have some.

Ross: WHAT? – this was actually screeched at me with a complete expression of indignant disbelief.

Me: Yeah, didn’t you notice we bought them last weekend?

Ross: Um no. If I had, we would’ve been eating them. Why didn’t you tell me?

Me: I thought you knew.

Ross: Of course I didn’t know or else I would have eaten them.

Me: They’re in the refrigerator, you wanna go look?

Ross: No, If I get out of this bed, I’m going to preheat the oven.

At this point I just laughed. There might have been some slight eye rolling. Okay, it was massive eye rolling.

Me: When would we have had them this week?

Ross: TONIGHT! We could have had them with dinner tonight.

Me: Okay, fair point. You know what else?

Ross: What?

Me: I got them on sale.

Ross: Even better.

My husband is obsessed with Hawaiian flavored bread. King’s Hawaiian, hot dog buns, evidently Pillsbury Sweet Hawaiian crescent rolls. It’s a good thing I’m basically not eating bread anymore or I might go into a permanent crash ingesting all that sugar.

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