Angry Driver

I’m what you would call…an angry driver. It’s really hard for me to curtail my language while my three year old is in the car. Really. Really. Hard.

I don’t understand why people drive 55 mph on a highway where the speed limit is 65 mph. I also don’t understand why people do this across three lanes, holding up traffic for EVERYONE ELSE.

I don’t understand people who are sitting in rush hour traffic and are more concentrated on their phone and their text message than the car in front of them. Watch what the fuck you’re doing!

I don’t understand those people who cross three lanes of traffic to get off the highway. Didn’t you know your exit was coming up? Why the fuck didn’t you prepare for it?

These instances-are again-why I want a disable or destroy button. It would be amazing to have the power to destroy vehicles where the drivers are a) stupid b) careless or c) just plain assholes.

This is my dream! #Disableordestroy

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