Prepping for ALL the Holidays

First, it’s October. Why is it 86° in Columbus Ohio? That’s just stupid. I’m supposed to be in sweaters and scarves. Not shorts and sandals. Ugh!

We have to clean out the fire pit for Halloween. We’re going to be that grouping of houses this year. Fire! Check. Candy! Check. Alcohol! Check!!! It was cold last year and I could have used the fire AND alcohol for warmth. The way things are going this year, meanwhile, it might be 90° in November.

Regardless of the weather, I love autumn and winter. These are my favorite two seasons. Spring’s okay. Summer, I could do without.

I’m sending the emails today about what the plans are for the holidays. Early? Perhaps. However, my husband has a monthly calendar. If we don’t get it on the calendar at least six weeks ahead of time, it’s not happening. Sometimes, not even then.

I need to know what I’m doing for Thanksgiving. What are my assignments? Am I making pies? Cheesecakes? WHAT? I must know.

Then there’s Christmas. I’m putting the date on the calendar now. Tree Acquisition Day! That’s right. We still buy a live tree. Hold on while I do that. Okay, back to blogging. This is a complicated process. You have to buy the tree. Then give it a day for the branches to fall. Then, and only then, can you decorate it. If you get it too early, the thing dies before Christmas (mostly because we forget to water it). No matter! There’s a system.

I love Christmas! Actually, there are no words to describe my love affair with Christmas. It could be Christmas all year round and I would be just fine with that. I love giving presents. I love searching for presents. I love the cold. I especially love, Christmas day. Because let’s be real, my Christmas day is filled with me in my pajamas, coffee, and a smorgasbord of food. This was my spread from last year and we ate all day long. It was amazing. Do you see tiny little hands reaching up for cheese? Yeah, me too.

26063637_10214935621841659_7129656203039335319_o (1)

My counter will be plentiful again. This I pledge, because I love a good shrimp cocktail.

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