Retro is New Again

I know I’m late today. I forgot to set the schedule. Ugh! #sleepdeprived

Without further ado…

Can we talk about this for a moment?



I bought this for Scarlett on Saturday. Because, why not? First of all, I don’t remember these things being so big in the ass. Second, once we got it home and open it was lacking something very specific. That weird plastic/baby powder smell that all the toys in the 80’s seemed to have. Don’t get me wrong, she loved it. She carried it around with her all weekend. And the brush. But don’t think for one minute I didn’t call my mom to ask if she still had my old My Little Pony dolls in the attic.

Target also had 35th anniversary edition Strawberry Shortcake dolls. Those were only $4.49 but all they had were the weird secondary characters, so that was a no go. No Strawberry Shortcake, no sale.

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