Creepy Toys and the Grandparents that Give Them.

This post is late. I wasn’t even going to put up a blog today. I had nothing to say. I worked on a spreadsheet all day which was mind numbing and I had nothing left. Nothing left, that is, until I got home and remembered what was waiting for me.

On Saturday, my parents spent the afternoon with us for Christmas. They gave Scarlett her presents. The usual, clothes upon clothes, upon clothes. There was also the Minnie Mouse Power Wheels ATV. At this point, Scarlett is just revving the engine and letting the wheels spin. That sound’s not annoying at all…

The real coup de gras, however, is the tiger.

I know my parents, or at least my mom, is reading this and I’d just like to point out that this thing is creepy as shit. No joke. It’s a robot that looks at you. It makes noises for at least an hour after you’ve left the room. Scarlett wants to take it EVERYWHERE. I had to outlaw this thing from the side of our house with the bedrooms. As this thing bats its eyes at me or nods up and down while switching its tail, all I can think is that thing is watching me and waiting to murder me in my sleep. I’ve seen that movie, it doesn’t end well.


Right now, this thing is sitting on her lap. RIGHT. Next. To. me. I swear this thing can see me.

Not cool, Mom. Not cool.

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