Hallmark Channel

Um, this channel is amazing. Have you ever watched one of those TV movies that are actually not a bad movie but so cliched and so poorly acted that you can’t even believe they wasted film on it? And even though it was horrible, you watched the WHOLE THING. Yeah, the Hallmark Channel is all of those things 24 hours a day. How did I not know about this channel? I feel like I’ve missed so much sappy bullshit in my life that I feel robbed.

Last night, I stayed up until 11:30, PM people that’s late for me. I was watching A Princess for Christmas. Thanks Smart Bitches Trashy Books!


Let’s talk about this for a minute. Even from the trailer everyone demonstrates the level of acting quality. It’s not good. It actually feels as if everyone just met that day. There is absolutely no chemistry between anyone which makes it almost painful to watch. I will say this, Roger Moore was trying to give it his all. Although, he was bloated and I kept thinking it was Adam West instead of Roger Moore, so there’s that.

There’s this scene where Sam Heughan and Katie McGrath (who is kinda like a Kiera Knightley light) have a dance scene where they are trying to, and I quote – “Get down”. OMG, this was, in fact, the most painful thing to watch. I actually couldn’t watch and had to turn away because it was HORRENDOUS.

In the soundtrack, I think someone sampled the Practical Magic theme so I kept getting flashbacks to Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman jumping off a roof in striped socks. It was distracting.

The servants were on the comical side. I mean, the butler’s name was Paisley Winterbottom for God’s sakes.

Even though it was borderline ridiculous, that didn’t stop me from sobbing like a baby. I’m not ashamed. These are stupid and I can’t seem to get enough.

I just watched this one and it was just as ridiculous. Cause this dialogue just happened:

April: You should write romance books.

Dude who’s name I can’t remember: I’d rather live one.

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