Plans Gone Wrong

I had grand plans for today. Well, maybe not grand but I had a plan nonetheless.

  1. Take Scarlett to daycare
  2. Get new license plates for the car
  3. Spend time writing
  4. Have lunch with a friend
  5. Make pies/sweet potato casserole
  6. wrap presents
  7. Maybe take a nap, who knows.

Instead, many things happened to derail my grand plans. First, Scarlett got sick in the middle of the night, throwing up not only on her sheets, but ours, and then hers again. There’s like 100 loads of bedding to wash and we’re basically out of sheets. I slept last night under a Nemo blanket and a throw blanket because that’s all we had left that was clean.

I went to take Scarlett to daycare but we pulled out of the garage and down the street before Scarlett said, “Mommy, I have to pee.” Yep, so we went around the block, pulled back into the garage and got out of the car. She sat on the potty and then looked at me. “It was a fake out.”


We got back in the car and headed to daycare, about 30 minutes after I’d wanted to.

I went to get plates after dropping Scarlett off but turns out, you have to wait for the dealer to mail the temporary title. Well that hasn’t happened yet. So, no plate. I had to add a new stop to pick up a gift card which wasn’t on my list. Then I trekked home to make pies. I got one down and the casserole in the oven as I write. I wrapped some presents and the duvets are in the washer. I don’t know why it takes four times through the dryer to get all the dampness out of them but it does. I have a feeling that I’m going to be sleeping under the Nemo blanket again. I’ll just say this. I was really really cold last night.

My day has kinda gone a little off kilter. No writing today. No nap today and let me tell you, that’s the one that really irks me. To say the least, I’d gotten very little sleep last night and I’m TIRED. The nap was something I was really looking forward to. This is what my day looks like now.

  1. Take Scarlett to daycare – check
  2. Get new plates – Nope
  3. Pick up gift card – check
  4. Make pumpkin pie – check
  5. Wash bedding – halfway check
  6. Make sweet potato casserole – halfway check
  7. Lunch with friend – pending
  8. Wrap gifts – mostly check
  9. Pick up Scarlett – pending

Wish me luck!

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