General Round Up

I don’t have a particular topic today so, we’re just going to wing it.

I’m trying real hard not so use my nerf gun in the office cause that would be unprofessional if I hit a person in the forehead with a suction cup dart. Or so my staff tells me.

Scarlett pooped in the bathtub last night and she freaked THE FUCK out. It was hilarious. Ross cleaned that one up.

We have woodpeckers making nesting holes in our house. So, there’s that. If it’s not squirrels then its woodpeckers cause of course it is.

Umm, the holidays are coming up and my list of shit to do keeps getting longer and longer. I’m not really sure if there is more to do or if I just forgot. At this point, I give zero fucks. That’s like my new mantra.

We’re putting up Scarlett’s big girl bed this weekend because I can’t get in and out of the damned tiny toddler bed anymore. That’s just stupid. We are grown ups and she’s big enough that she’s banking off the edges. It’s time.

I haven’t written anything all week which is stressing me out. It’s been a crazy week and I can’t seem to carve out any time. And honestly, I’m wondering if I can count the words I write in the blog 3 times a week as part of Nanowrimo because evidently I need to cheat to make my word count. They’re words. I wrote them. They count. I feel zero shame about that.

That’s about all I have.

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