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Do any of you have neighborhood facebook pages? I LOVE mine! It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are alot of posts of things for sale, free shit sitting on someone’s porch, shaming neighborhood children for riding their bikes and stuff – you know, the shit kids do. There are also quite a few people asking the entire neighborhood if their internet is working? I do now know not to buy WOW cable/internet cause that shit is always going out according to the feed. But once in a while, you get a gem.

Question about the Buckeye Trees at our entrance on Street XXX……I assume someone actually owns those trees and I’m so curious if the owner is the one who harvests all the nuts every year or if someone is coming in the night and stealing them all! Lol My family and I have lived here three years now and we always notice that the nuts are there one day and then ALL gone the next! And it always seems to happen several weeks before the nuts are actually ready to harvest (they are probably still white and soft on the inside this early). Just curious if the tree owner is getting all the Buckeyes or if we have a recurring Buckeye Thief on our hands! Lol

What? They’re clearly not your trees so why do you care? Is it because you want to steal some.

I came home this morning to find someone had cut branches off our trees on both sides of the sidewalk. It appears a trimmer was used. It happened to at least two houses on Street XXY. If you have information please message me. TY

This descended into endless comments of some old guy going around and cutting branches away from the sidewalk. It was amazing. They were all SO MAD…

I get all giddy when facebook gives me notification of a new post. It’s like Christmas morning.

God, I have problems.

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