Giggles in the Dark

When you’re married, you laugh about stupid shit. Don’t try and deny it. You know this is true. The other night, after turning the lights out, Ross and I laid in bed and laughed for 10 minutes while making up stupid House Hunters comments.

Husband: I’m a hamster breeder

Wife: I’m a stay at home Mom

Budget: $500,000


Husband: I’m looking for a Mid Century Modern with a steeply pitched roof

Wife: I want a 3 car garage and 4000 square feet

Location: Paris


Husband: I’m an out of work plate spinner

Wife: I ship doilies

Budget: 2 million 


Husband: I’m a professional bunny shipper

Wife: I’m a circus clown

Budget: $950,000


This went on for some time until I couldn’t breathe. This is the silly stuff married people do. Be jealous. You don’t know what you’re missing.

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