Vacation! At last!

Today is my last day at work before I disappear into a life of sleeping in until 7am – WOOHOO! – and eating what ever the hell I want for a whole week. Is this bliss? Yes. Yes it is.

I can always tell when my vacation is getting close. My temper gets a bit shorter and those who know me are probably asking “can it get shorter”. Yes, it can. Just keep that in mind. I have far less tolerance for shenanigans as my vacation approaches and let’s face it. I deal with quite a high level of shenanigans. So the fact that Ross and I aren’t even going anywhere doesn’t seem to matter. I’m going to get Indian buffet for lunch one day, do some yard work, and go to tea. I have plans!

I might also watch those 7 or 8 episodes of the Flash that have been shaming me from the DVR list. Who knows! I have a whole week.

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