Worst Job EVER

I don’t usually post about political matters and this isn’t really political, it’s more about job performance.

So…here we go

I feel really bad for Sean Spicer.

I know what you’re thinking, “Suzanne, you’re pretty liberal, why would you feel bad for Sean Spicer?” Well, let’s talk about this.

Watch this segment from last night’s Rachel Maddow


I haven’t watch Rachel Maddow, pretty much since the election. I needed a political pundit break. So, I turn it on and discover this compilation of comedy gold. The problem is, it shouldn’t be funny. However, after watching the compilation of snaffus, corrections, and mispronunciations/incorrect statements here’s the thing:

  1. Do you think he knows he’s doing a horrible job? He has to…right? He has to know with all the corrections, and the footage on television that he keeps screwing up. He has to…right?
  2. He didn’t even want this job. So whyyyyyyy? If you don’t want it and you clearly suck at it. Just quit. I’m sure you’re really good at other things but this is a tough job and there’s no shame in throwing up your hands and saying, “you know what, I couldn’t hack it. Maybe someone else can do this better.”
  3. He has the worst boss in the world. So, that doesn’t help.
  4. Also, did he say destabilize the region in that last one? Yep, he sure did.

What have we taken away from this? Well, like Rachel said, “talking is hard”. It is and I completely agree. I couldn’t do that job. But if it IS your job, you should be better at it.

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