I’ve been stressing about my website for at least a week now. I’m tired of looking at it. It was the same old color block, day after day. I wanted a theme that was a little more edgy. Something that looked cool while still capturing the essence of what I do. I don’t have a lot of pictures. Writing is a solitary venture and doesn’t lend itself to a lot of action shots. I have book covers galore but not a lot of pictures of me. Partly because I hate to be in pictures and partly because I take horrible pictures of people. I take great pictures of architecture and landscaping. People, not so much.

So anyway, I had to change my website to a theme that was – in and of itself – interesting. I’m not entirely sure I managed it but it’s definitely different.

I would also like to add that my husband, Ross {that’s right, I’m calling you out} was absolutely no help what so ever.

Let me know what you think.

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