Facebook Shaming – I’m Tired of it!

WARNING: This is a rant so be prepared.

I am really REALLY tired of the facebook shaming. I know you’ve seen them. At least two of your facebook friends post these on a weekly basis.

You know exactly what I mean:

Share if you agree,

I know most of you don’t have the nerve to post this, but…

If you’re my real friend, you’ll copy and paste this to a post.

Let’s see who’s brave enough to post this…

NO! Maybe I agree with you and your post and maybe I don’t. However, you don’t get to try and shame me into sharing your agenda with MY friends. My facebook and twitter pages are mine. For my purposes. Not yours. Just because I don’t share, like, or post to my page doesn’t mean that – somehow – I’m a horrible person. I could have a 100 reasons why I choose not to participate in your shenanigans.

So. Take your memes and posts and shove ’em cause I’m unfollowing and deleting by the day. I lived just fine before facebook and twitter. If it comes to it, I can again.

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